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Companies who understand the value of great content also know it can be difficult to keep up with the constant demand for fresh high quality relatable content.  


We help produce content in all formats that your customers and potential customers want.

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Content is king. But the queen is distribution. Having great content is only half the battle. Promoting in the right channels and managing them to get maximum customer reach and relations is the other half.    

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We are journalistic, passionate and professional.

We are storytellers and we think content marketing is a commitment to give your audience something of value. That is why we use journalism to empower brands and companies with relatable and useful content that allows them to consistently connect with their customers.

While traditional marketing tries to sell you something, content marketing creates a conversation with you.

That is why content marketing is so effective, it just doesn’t feel like marketing.


We provide our customers with brand journalism and content marketing.

Both use great storytelling to achieve success and both put the customer interests at the forefront of everything.

Brand journalism is all about building awareness and cultivating brand affinity while content marketing is all about moving customers along the sales funnel. We excel at both.

Content People are people relating to people.

Value is everything to us. Content with no real value doesn't create real relationships.

Behind Content People

Mette Bernt Knudsen,

Co-founder & partner

I’m a journalist by heart. Been in the business for more than 18 years. Working with journalism for specific target groups and using metrics to take aim – to make my audience happy.


The love of journalism and storytelling is the base on which I build my work in Content People. I want to create concepts of entertaining, fascinating and educational content that makes people react.

I love the saying “Make mistakes – but do it fast” – as I firmly believe in trying new stuff and failing is far better than not experimenting at all.


Teitur Jónasson

Co-founder & partner

I’m a project manager and business developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. My background lies very much within every aspect of the media business.

I’m a self made marketer having launched and marketed several projects and companies in various sectors over the years. I realised early on how effective storytelling and content was in my own marketing efforts. I used it to varying degrees to market my media products but also a hotel and apartment renting.

This made me realise that bringing together journalistic capabilities and modern marketing methods is the future of marketing. And that’s what we are here for.

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